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All Partnership Meeting - August 25, 2021

About this event

The August 25th event will be held in person at the Gray’s Peak building, Front Range Community College Larimer Campus’ new Health Care Careers Center.

Link to Slides from the meeting

From 7:00-7:30 AM Front Range Community College staff will be giving a behind the scenes tour of the classrooms and labs (dental, EMT, Nursing and Integrated Health). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see these state-of-the-art learning spaces.

Featured on the agenda for the program between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM:

  1. CareerRise Summer Internship Impact Summary

  2. Xello – Connecting to PSD and TSD students for internships and apprenticeships

  3. Behavioral Health, Workforce, PASRR Committee Updates

  4. Legislative Session Summary and Wrap Up

  5. Updates on the Work-based Learning Incubator that took place in June

  6. Tec-P 2.0 Survey for Healthcare Sector

Questions? Please contact nocohealthsector AT


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