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The Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership (HSP) is a group of business leaders from the healthcare and behavioral health industries in Larimer and Weld Counties. The sector partnership model identifies industry needs and priorities and then brings in education, workforce development, economic development, and community organizations to help collaboratively address those needs. 

HSP has identified the following areas as priorities and have committees that support them: Workforce, Behavioral Health, Outreach and Awareness, and the Nursing Industry-Education Consortium. These committees regularly assess common issues and needs of the industry and develop sub-committees to address these issues. 

Our Mission

The Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership brings together key stakeholders to promote and improve health within our communities. We will collaborate across disciplines, organizations and communities to seize opportunities, solve problems and celebrate successes in the region.​

Our Values

Our collaborative actions will increase the overall health of our communities. We will have diverse, regional partners at the table to ensure outstanding networking and collaboration opportunities. We will affect change. We will consciously share and develop resources to solve big issues. Action and Participation are key to our long term success and will be celebrated and held in high esteem.

Equity Statement

In recognition that the Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership serves a diverse population across Larimer and Weld counties, we will create a climate of inclusive and equitable access for partnership members, regional partners, the future healthcare workforce, and all those we are privileged to represent. We welcome representation and collaboration from all and for all.

Next Generation Sector Partnerships

A 2021 Next Generation Sector Case Study highlighting the NOCO Health Sector Partnership 

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