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Nursing Industry-Education Consortium

Our Purpose

The NOCO Nursing Industry-Education Consortium facilitates communication and collaboration among regional nursing education and industry partners involved in nursing education, in an effort to identify and initiate actions to ensure the availability of quality clinical education opportunities and address issues surrounding the regional shortage of the nursing workforce. Membership consists of representatives from Northern Colorado healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and other agencies who come together to address clinical nursing education issues.

Our Priorities

Nursing Burnout

Nurse's Health and Well-Being

Clinical Placements and Clinical Instructors


2024 Nurse Well Being Conference

Conference on February 13, 2024, at Aims Community College Welcome Center in Greeley, CO. The event built off the inspiring messages and support from the 2023 event and added more wellbeing practices and resources to practice on site and bring home.

View post event summary  to see details from the event, digital program, and photo gallery.

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First Northern Colorado Nurse Well Being Conference

Conference on February 2, 2023, at The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado. The event's goal was to inspire and support nursing students, current nurses, and inactive nurses. The Industry-Education Nursing Consortium of the Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership hosted the event.

View Event Page to see event summary, press release, digital program, and photo gallery.

The group is researching funding opportunities to support industry and education partnerships to focus on improving education and practice outcomes.
  • The group would bring a model of this to Northern Colorado and have a goal to have a shared pool of instructors available.

  • Staff nurses in practice settings are provided professional development in clinical education.

  • Staff nurses work clinical rotations as part of FT workload.

  • Work with program faculty to oversee and evaluate students in a clinical setting.

Nursing Industry-Education Consortium Co-Chairs

Faith Cantrell

Melissa Henry

University of Northern Colorado

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