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August 24, 2022 Quarterly All Partner Meeting

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Front Range Community College, Larimer Campus, Grays Peak Building

Thank you for joining us in person for our Quarterly All Partner Meeting. The meeting had great speakers/content and created connections amongst regional partners.

In lieu of committee updates at the meeting the following updates are available:

Agenda (with links and resources):

  1. K-12 Work-Based Learning Business Liaison Introduction and Summary of Role

  2. Stefanie Merrell –

  3. Presented on her role as a Business Liaison and Xello (pronounced Zel-lo), the resource that Poudre, Thompson, and Estes Park School Districts and Colorado Early Colleges use for college and career readiness.

  4. Xello Video – Work Based Learning

  5. Recruiting in Northern Colorado using digital resources

  6. Presenters Allie Steiner with North Range Behavioral Health and Crystal Smith with UNC Center for Career Readiness discussed resources

  7. Xello

  8. Connecting Colorado

  9. My Colorado Journey

  10. Handshake

  11. Industry Identified Credentials for state incentive program

  12. Slides from Janae Hunderman’s presentation

  13. Current approved incentive programs to review. Health Sector Partners are asked to review the list and provide recommendations for updates (new, removal, etc.)

  14. Credentials list with which districts offer which programs

  15. Colorado Succeeds – CNA/MA Pipeline

  16. Presenter Ben Gerig shared information on Regional Talent Development Initiative Grant Program, $90 million of funds planned to be released in December 2022.

  17. Resources shared:

  18. OEDIT Updates:

  19. 1330 Task Force: Read RECOMMENDATION 1

  20. RISE Grant Evaluation Criteria:


  22. Do you have ideas and feedback for how our region could apply for talent development grant funds? Please share in this document.

  23. PSD School-based Health Center and Mental Health Update

  24. Presenter Merry Hummell shared a handout describing school based health centers

  25. Problem Based Learning

  26. Bamford Elementary Principal Alissa Poduska presented on educators learning how to infuse the concepts of problem solving as learning and professional development opportunities. Project Heart is an educational resource for teachers to customize their pedagogical instruction, educational standards, and classroom activities around philanthropy and service learning.

  27. Video about Project Heart Spotlight

  28. Project Heart Flyer

  29. Alissa is looking for businesses to partner, learn more, attend their breakfast in September and stay connecting – fill out this form if you’d like to connect

Questions can be directed to nocohealthsector @


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